i’m such a slacker

October 6th, 2007
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i’ve done zip with this site since i took it down for maintenance… oops. i’ve also noticed a serious slowdown in how well connected i am to the internet at this point in time. from cox internet outages, keeping my focus on work, chilling with 2 hyperactive dogs, working on geek nite projects, to most importantly enjoying some damn good home cooking and watching xtine kick some ass in elebits… i haven’t been keeping up with any of my rss feeds or favorite sites.

a big part of that is the lack of bonqlinks. sure i could have written it in javascript which updated itself with the hit count if i really wanted to be a dork about it… but eh, while i’ve been deep in code lately… i really didn’t feel like producing much code myself. i miss actually getting my hands dirty on kernel guts and recompiling kernels to get that last damn module to load or figure out how to get an experimental patch to patch clean.

i also miss playing around with web applications. i like wordpress, but i think i’m gonna have to go look at a php framework to do some sandbox work in. bleh, i guess i need to get back to figuring out how to cram tdo mini forms 7.x or even 8.x on a wordpress 2.2 install. i guess i could play around with the cpanel to backup stuff just in case the upgrade is wonky.

you’d really think it’d be easier to have a form post a new entry into a moderated queue in wordpress. yeah, no… not really all that easy. and why is there no actual age verification plugin out there for wordpress?

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3 Responses to “i’m such a slacker”

  1. Mark Says:

    You could try tdo mini forms 0.9.2 on WordPress 2.2. I haven’t tested it, but some folks on the forum are using it and did do some fixes for them… just don’t use the tag widget.

    As for an age verification plugin? What should it do?

  2. flipp Says:

    instead of using age verification, i modified the wp-spoiler plugin to show a txt link instead of an image. not really a solution for properly verifying age…. but it does provides a quick, simple way to handle nsfw content by replacing nsfw images with a properly formated txt link to notify the viewer that the image is nsfw.

    i had to wait for tdo-mini-forms 0.9.x to be released because it allows for unregistered users to upload images. and i also had to upgrade the site i was working on from wp 2.2 to wp 2.3 for tdomf to be happy. the only issue right now is, instead of uploading directly to /wp-content/uploads/ tdomf inserts the images into the wordpress db. it shouldn’t be too hard to modify wp-spoiler to handle tdomf/mysql served images [/?tdomf_download=###] vs the default wp uploads dir[wp-content/uploads/YYYY/MM/].

    and of course, after typing this all out. i just realized you’re the tdomf developer mark. i was one of the guys working on willsballs.com , thanks for all the work on tdomf.

  3. Mark Says:

    No prob. Glad your finding it useful. BTW if you want to grab the dev version, it has an option to ignore the tdomf_download wrapper for downloads and use direct links. I will be releasing it soon as 0.9.3 but I want to get custom fields finished first.

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