playing around w/ wordpress themes

April 21st, 2008
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this is the shit right here!i spent a few hours this weekend modifying the blogtxt wordpress theme to mimic my old bonq-v2 theme. i still really have issues w/ sidebars, they just don’t do it for me. as far as the blogtxt theme goes, i really haven’t had to modify anything other than the style.css to make all the changes i want.

kudos to scott/ for such a well-rounded theme that’s easy to modify.

i don’t think i’ll ever get used to using em vs px for defining sizes though. i’m going to poke around a little more w/ blogtxt, but i also should see what other themes are out there. there’s apparently been monster growth for the wordpress theming community though. a google search for wordpress+themes now generates 6,870,000 hits.

here’s the top few that looked like they had some useful themes.

and yeah. i just really wanted to post that picture.

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